10 Days Tanzania Safari
10  Days Tanzania Safari 10 Day(s) Walking Experience Zanzibar Tours & Safaris Ltd 10 day(s) | Walking | Kilimanjaro

The Crater Highlands consist of an elevated range of volcanoes and collapsed volcanoes, which rise from the side of the Great Rift Valley and run along the Eastern edge of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The peaks include Oldeani, Lemagrut, Olmoti, Loolmalasin, Empakaai, Ngorongoro and the active Ol Doinyo Lengai. They all have a number of impressive peaks with steep escarpments, crater lakes, dense forests and grassy ridges, streams and waterfalls. The area is secluded and rarely visited but offers some of Tanzania's most jagged and extraordinary scenery and some of the finest trekking. Most walking is done at around the 3000m mark though there are more routes available to the more adventurous.

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  • Day 1

    Arusha / Mto wa mbu village

    Head off to the great Rift Valley with its breathtaking landscapes for your great Ngorongoro highlands adventure. First stop, Manyara and the vivid, bustling market town of Mto wa Mbu. Explore eco-cultural relationships and learn about traditions and lifestyles which are thousands of years apart from your own.

      • Day 2

        Manyara / Ngorongoro Highlands / Nainokanoka camp.

        Set off into the Ngorongoro Highlands and make camp at Nainokanoka. Here we get ready to start our walking safari; meet with our Maasai ranger, guide and cook and decide on the distribution of loads for the donkeys.

          • Day 3

            Nainokanoka Camp / Empakaai Camp

            Capture amazing places as we walk towards Empakaai Crater on our trek to Embulbul Depression with views of Oldonyo Lengai and Lake Natron in the distance.

              • Day 4

                Empakaai Crater

                Descend the tree-lined slopes of Empakaai Crater to discover a hidden world. Spot shy forest birds and antelopes; approach the deep, central lake with its pink necklace of flamingo. Sit quietly and let nature come to you.

                  • Day 5

                    Empakaai Camp - Acacia Tree Camp

                    Venture on through the African plains. Today we will walk for approximately 5 hours before relaxing at our Acacia Tree Camp - en route to Lake Natron, our next destination.

                      • Day 6

                        Acacia tree camp / Lake Natron camp

                        See the world through the eyes of an explorer, as we start off on a 6 - 7 hours walk to Lake Natron. This soda lake is the last remaining breeding ground for the endangered lesser flamingo. After your grueling hike today you can now wash the dust off your feet, lie back and wait for the sun to set over the lake and on Oldonyo Lengai.

                          • Day 7

                            Full day in Lake Natron Waterfalls

                            A well-deserved relaxing day at the the cascading waterfalls and cool off in the small pool at their base. Your only companions here will be birds large and small (Vulture Cliffs, where vultures nest,is nearby), and nonchalant baboons, scratching themselves and watching your antics from the surrounding rocks.

                              • Day 8

                                Oldoinyo Lengai Hike / Lake Natron Camp.

                                Meet the Mountain of God at midnight, as you start your climb of Oldonyo Lengai with your Maasai Guide. Listen to his stories and legends about his 'Mountain of God' as you climb the steep slopes of this still active volcano to greet the sunrise at eleven thousand feet above the surrounding plains. Gaze in awe at the bubbling lava and steaming geysers of Lengai's crater and watch the sun rise on Kilimanjaro, 250 km away. Make your way down to the base before this same sun hits the treeless slopes and drive back to camp for lunch and a free afternoon at your private Lake Natron Camp.

                                  • Day 9

                                    Lake Natron / Longido Camp.

                                    Set off for more exciting adventures; today we drive to Longido Mountain for a visit with the Maasai. In Longido Village you can explore to your heart's content and learn much about Maasai daily life and culture.

                                      • Day 10

                                        Longido / Moshi

                                        after discovering your natural fit into the life of the nomadic Masaai, it is time to say goodbye and embark on the last leg of our journey (by car!) to Moshi

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                                          Professional Guide / Private car / Lunch box from the hotel which will contain everything that you need for the day from sandwiches, chocolate, groundnuts, biscuits, fruits, juice, boiled egg, piece of cake Water/Juice / All Park fees


                                          International and Domestic Flight / Visa to entering to Tanzania / Tipping / Any personal items.

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